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5 Great Storage Ideas for a Family Friendly Home

Written by Andrea Morgan on Thursday 12 June 2014

Creating a home that works for everyone in a family is always a challenge. I don’t know about you but my husband seems to have another world in his garage. My son has ‘stuff’ galore and where to put it is a daily challenge. Birthdays and Christmas always add extra pressure on our limited storage when a new delivery of children’s paraphernalia arrives looking for a home. As adults we want spaces that are calm, stylish and not decorated with an action figure or two.

We are in the process of moving, as we have outgrown our current home. I'm now starting to think about our new home, how each room will work for our family and how we can design spaces that are chic and still contain ample storage for all our things.

Under the stairs

The home of the cupboard that has multi uses, the cupboard where we close the door and hope that no one opens it to see what’s inside. The home of the hover, the ironing board, the coats, the shoes the everything. Yes the cupboard under the stairs, let’s face it no matter how good our intentions are, becomes a dumping ground. So instead of letting this space become a ‘Jack of all trades and a master of none’, start thinking of it as a space ripe for transformation to a storage haven.

Under the stairs is a space where you can let your creativity go wild, don’t think about what is the norm, think about what it could be.

Under stairs storage solutions
Under Stairs Storage Ideas

Fun child-friendly storage

I want to have fun storage in my little boy's room when we move. Yes I could pop down to Ikea and buy a multitude of storage units. Not that there is anything wrong with Ikea, I have many of their products, but I want his bedroom to be an inspiring room, a room full of colour, and more importantly, a room for play.

My son, like most children, loves making a den. And cabin beds are a great way of finding extra storage but also a place where their imaginations can go wild.

Cabin bed for storage
Kids World white mid sleeper bed frame, Oak Furniture Solutions

In my quest in creating a bedroom that is as unique as him, I have discovered an array of storage solutions; here are some of my favourites:

Storage for kids
A Place for Everything

The man cave – the garage

When we move, our garage will become my husband’s man cave - ‘boys and their toys’, as they say! The garage seems to be a haven for a man’s hobby, whether it cars, models or like my hubby, computers. He loves to build, to tinker and to deconstruct. Secretly unbeknown to my other half, I have been searching for fantastic garage storage solutions to create the perfect computer haven where everything will have its place.

Garage storage
Garage Pride, garage storage cabinets

Safe storage

Whilst we are in the process of packing boxes we have rented a storage unit close to our home. We have found this a fantastic way of storing items we don’t need at the moment and we are thinking of continuing with it after we move. The great thing about storing items with a storage company is that everything is safe, dry and secure.

Hidden storage

I love hidden storage - objects that have another use but are also a place to store things. We have a wonderful sofa bed, on one side there is a large storage space where we keep our spare bedding. Another of my favourites are benches and chairs that also have storage under their seat. For small spaces hidden storage is an asset.

Furniture storage
Storage day bed open, Reed and Rackstraw

Quirky storage ideas

We all love something a little different that becomes a talking point. Having a little something quirky in my new home is a must. Now if that quirky item can also provide some storage, perfect! One of the pieces that caught my eye is this Wooden Cow Sideboard. Although it would not work in my new home, it is absolutely a statement piece but I could imagine children absolutely loving – a great family favourite – what would you call yours?

Quirky storage ideas
Wooden Cow Sideboard, Not on the High Street

I am a lover of drawers. I lust over any unit that has many different drawers of all shapes and sizes, and a must have for my new home. This sideboard is certainly on my wish list.

Upcycled sideboard for storage
Upcycled Sideboard, Not on the High Street

When it comes to finding storage solutions for a family friendly home, think about each space individually. Different types of storage suit different spaces. Think out unique ideas of creating storage spaces such as usual alcoves and nocks and crannies to create interesting features. Don’t be afraid to experiment and most importantly find things that will not only work for your home but also you and your family.

Article by: Andrea Morgan

Andrea is a property, homes and interiors writer and blogger who lives in South Wales. Follow Andrea on Twitter: @RightmoveAddict. Read more from Andrea on her blog: Trying to Balance the Madness She is a Certified Blog Contributor for Rightmove, has been featured in Show Home magazine, and presented on the interiors stage at Grand Designs Live.

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