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Interview with a Removal Man

Written by Shelley Slater on Thursday 30 July 2015

Most people don’t put much thought into what a removal man’s job is actually like. After all, they show up at your home, prepare your items to be moved, move them to your new home and wish you well – and that’s usually all there is to it. However, as someone who has come to the removal industry just a few years ago, I find myself fascinated by the process removal men go through to make our customer moves as smooth as they are, and I’m continually impressed by how they make difficult work look incredibly easy.


Removal man

How to Move House

Written by Claire Young on Friday 12 September 2014

At Oak Furniture Solutions, we know how stressful moving house can be. It will always be a disruptive experience, but it doesn't have to be as stressful as you imagine. The key is to be organised and prepare as much in advance as you can.


Moving house

5 Great Storage Ideas for a Family Friendly Home

Written by Andrea Morgan on Thursday 12 June 2014

Creating a home that works for everyone in a family is always a challenge. I don’t know about you but my husband seems to have another world in his garage. My son has ‘stuff’ galore and where to put it is a daily challenge. Birthdays and Christmas always add extra pressure on our limited storage when a new delivery of children’s paraphernalia arrives looking for a home. As adults we want spaces that are calm, stylish and not decorated with an action figure or two.


5 great storage ideas for a family friendly home

Bare necessities of moving house - 10 tips

Written by Shelley Slater on Wednesday 28 May 2014

Moving house doesn't need to be complicated - and complicated moves just aren't the Britannia way. In fact, Britannia has stripped down moving into the bare necessities, to help you avoid moving day stress.

We like to try and inject a bit of fun into our moves, as we know that humour can take the edge of a stressful situation. Watch Britannia's removal men Big Bob and Little Johnny give their top 10 tips for a stress-free moving day ... in their bare necessities!


10 tips for a stress-free move

Tips to prevent home burglary

Written by Shelley Slater on Friday 24 January 2014

With today's news that areas in Manchester and Birmingham make the top 10 list of places burgled in the UK, it makes sense to take time to make life difficult for would-be burglars. Even if your neighbourhood isn't on the top 10 list, preventing burglars from targeting your home makes good sense to keep you, your family and belongings safe.


Tips to prevent home burglaries

How to Secure and Move Into a Rental Home

Written by Shelley Slater on Wednesday 15 January 2014

The process of renting a home can certainly be more straightforward than the home buying process, but that doesn’t make it simple. There are many things you need to be aware of, and pitfalls to avoid ensuring your rental home suits you – and your legal rights are protected.


How to rent a home

10 Tips for a Successful International Move

Written by Shelley Slater on Friday 3 January 2014

Moving home is said to be one of the most stressful events in a person's life. When you're moving to a different country, that stress can increase. There's a lot you can do to help make your international move as stress-free as possible.

Of course, choosing the best removal company for your move is key to a successful relocation, no matter where you're going.

Tips for a successful international relocation

We've taken a look beyond the physical move, and here are our top 10 tips for a successful international relocation.


How to Choose a Removal Company

Written by Shelley Slater on Friday 20 September 2013

Choosing a removal company can be an intimidating experience - but if you're armed with the right knowledge, you can make the right choice for your moving needs.

Sadly, there are far too many people ready to take your money who don't take the appropriate care and attention to your belongings on moving day, or worse yet, disappear with your money and leave you desperately seeking a new removal company at the last moment.


How to choose a removal company

Prevent Identity Theft

Written by Shelley Slater on Thursday 18 July 2013

These days, identity theft is an ever-increasing problem. Just the other day, I saw someone digging in my neighbour's paper recycling bin, a crime that's unfortunately becoming more common.

According to members of CIFAS, the UK’s Fraud Prevention Service, during the first quarter of 2012 it was confirmed that the abuse of identity details, such as dates of birth and postcodes now accounts for two thirds of all frauds.


Prevent identity theft by shredding your personal documents

Emigration from the UK

Written by Shelley Slater on Friday 15 February 2013

Moving abroad is exciting, a bit scary, and a bit stressful. Yet there are some 4.7 million Brits living abroad, making the UK 8th in the world for expats. What makes someone decide to move to a different country is very individual, but there are some common reasons behind those decisions.


Emigrate from the UK

Winter tyres - a popular choice for winter driving safety

Written by Shelley Slater on Wednesday 13 February 2013

Although Britain doesn't have the types of snowy winters you'll find in North America or the Alps, the past few winters have reminded us that mother nature does like to coat our landscape with white powder (and slush) from time to time. As a result, many drivers have chosen to switch to separate tyres for winter and summer driving.


Store your winter & summer tyres with Britannia Bradshaw

Moving house: How to choose your broadband

Friday 1 February 2013

Broadband access is now a top concern for anyone moving house, adding another thing to the list of utilities we need to manage when entering a new property.

The huge number of providers out there, combined with the differing technologies and our desire for the fastest service at the best price makes choosing an ISP a minefield - not what you need when you're dealing with the stress of moving home.


How to choose new broadband when you're moving house

Avoid a plumbing flood disaster in cold weather

Written by Shelley Slater on Thursday 10 January 2013

The winter of 2012 / 2013 has been fairly warm through much of the UK, but the Met Office is warning of cold weather to come this month. Before it hits is the time to prepare your home for a winter freeze and avoid burst pipes which can flood your home and destroy your belongings.


Prevent a frozen plubming disaster from flooding your home

Tips for a successful house removal in winter

Written by Shelley Slater on Wednesday 12 December 2012

Moving can be stressful enough without the added stress of ice and snow. While winter is a challenging time to move home, a professional removals company is experienced and prepared to safely perform your removal in the cold, snow and ice. Our tips can help you have a smooth removal in the winter.


Removals in winter

Keeping your pets safe when you move home

Written by Shelley Slater on Friday 30 November 2012

Moving can be stressful and there are many things to plan, prepare for and consider. In the hustle and bustle that comes with moving day, don't forget about your pets and what they may need. Remember, they feel stress differently than we do, and may react unexpectedly.


Move with your pets

An expat's home

Written by Shelley Slater on Thursday 22 November 2012

Britannia Bradshaw move countless people out of the UK every year - some of them are starting new lives in a new country, some are returning to places they've lived, and some are returning home. People's experiences with being an expat are as varied as people themselves. But there are some common threads that seem to weave their way into every expat's experience to one degree or another.


Thoughts on moving to a new country and being an expat

Tips to plan your transfer to a new home

Written by Shelley Slater on 25 October 2012

When you're moving home, it goes without saying that you'll want things to run as smoothly as possible. Moving can often require a lot of planning and organisation - particularly if you're tight on time or if your move is a long distance one. It always pays to be prepared, and there's a lot you can do before moving day to make the process easier.


Planning tips for moving house

Five tips to help you find a job overseas

Written by Shelley Slater on Friday 12 October 2012

Moving to a new country is, no doubt, one of the most exciting and interesting times of your life. But unless your company has transferred you, finding a job once you've arrived is the hardest part after securing a visa for your new country.


Five tips to help you find a job overseas

Five iPhone Apps to Move Abroad

Monday 8 October 2012

Moving to a new country is no doubt an exciting and exhilarating experience, but adjusting to life abroad isn't always straightforward. The logistics of moving home in itself requires a lot of forward planning and smart preparation - add to this the obvious cultural and social differences of day-to-day life in a foreign environment, and the prospect can become quite daunting.


Five iPhone apps to help you move abroad

Britannia Bradshaw Moving on Bicycles for Charity

Written by Shelley Slater on Thursday 5 July 2012

On Sunday 8 July, a team of our staff will be bicycling from Manchester to Blackpool to raise money for The Christie. Team Britannia, comprised of Britannia Bradshaw and BCL Office Moving staff, will be setting off from Manchester United Football Ground rain or shine early Sunday morning for the 60 mile journey to the Mirror Ball on the South Promenade, Blackpool.

Please support their efforts by donating generously on their Just Giving page!

Britannia Bradsahw & BCL ride for charity

Living in Switzerland Part I

Written by Shelley Slater on Thursday 5 July 2012

You've secured your job, the visa is in what? It is time to book your removals firm, find a place to live and start to grapple with Switzerland's four languages, not to mention the rules and regulations.


Moving to Switzerland

Self storage tips for students in Manchester

Written by Shelley Slater on 25 June 2012

Another academic year has flown past, and now you're looking to bask in the summer sunshine (if we ever get any!) or head off on summer adventures. Worrying about your belongings while you're relaxing from a stressful academic year is the last thing you need. Moving out of your accommodation for the summer before the new term beings means finding somewhere safe to put everything so you can easily move to your new home in the autumn.


Self storage for students in Manchester

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