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Tips to Prevent Home Burglary
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Tips to prevent home burglary

With today's news that areas in Manchester and Birmingham make the top 10 list of places burgled in the UK, it makes sense to take time to make life difficult for would-be burglars. Even if your neighbourhood isn't on the top 10 list, preventing burglars from targeting your home makes good sense to keep you, your family and belongings safe.

Start outside

Burglars target your house by how it appears from the outside. Reformed burglars tell police they avoid houses with good lighting, shingle or any crunchy surface on driveways and patios, an alarm box, CCTV cameras and signs of a dog in the house.

Tips to deter burglars on the outside of your home:

Home burglary prevention

Tips to secure your garden shed:

Windows are a gateway

Many burglars are opportunistic and will climb in an open window - even in broad daylight. You may think your window is too small for someone to crawl through, but burglars come in all shapes and sizes and can squeeze through spaces you'd not imagine.

When you're home, don't leave downstairs windows open in rooms you're not occupying; burglaries happen very quickly and the 10 minutes you spend in another part of the house could be a burglar's chance to climb in, take your belongings and leave before you've even realised he was there.

Single glazed windows are particularly vulnerable to attack by burglars since plain glass is easily breakable. Consider replacing them if it is within your budget (or ask your landlord to if you're renting).

Be sure to add additional locks to wooden and metal windows, sash windows in particular. They're easy to install and the added safety will help secure your home.

You can't always add additional locks to UPVC windows, but in certain cases they can be fitted as needed.

Regardless of the type of windows you have, they should be locked at all times you're not using them.

Don't forget to shut and lock your windows when you go out or go to bed. Upstairs windows should always be locked when you're not home, and if you're not using them when sleeping.

Doors and mail slots tempt would-be thieves

if you have a mail slot, use a basket or cage on the inside, making it difficult or impossible for thieves to use a tool such as a fishing rod, stick or metal bar to steal items like your car and house keys. If you use a basket or cage on the inside of your mail slot, remove the bottom to prevent mail theft.

When it comes to doors, locks are king. Here are some things to look out for:

Inside your home

There are things you can do to make your house less tempting for would-be thieves.

Keep valuables out of sight, even if you're leaving the room for just 10 minutes.

Burglars know the favourite hiding places. Don't keep your valuables under the mattress, in the kitchen cupboards, and other well-known hiding places.

Other home security and protection considerations

You can contact your local police and request a security assessment, most are more than happy to come out and help.

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  • Will be using you again

    A fast response and very friendly and professional. A friendly crew who worked tirelessly to remive the stress of the day. Brilliant service. Will be using you again

    House Removal
    Date published: 8/11/2017
    10 / 10 stars
  • The service was exemplary

    Britannia Removals were friendly and helpful, considered all our requirements carefully, gave good advice and the service was exemplary. They were very helpful, friendly and worked quickly in loading up the van and setting everything in place. It made the whole move considerably less stressful and made it easier to find things as we unpacked and settled in our new home. If you could fix a washing machine in place in the new property that would be the icing on the cake.

    House Removal
    Date published: 27/10/2017
    9.2 / 10 stars
  • If you are moving do not hesitate to use this company

    Absolutely fabulous, they couldn't have been more helpful (Stewart, Dave, Imhad). Special thanks to Stewart, Dave and Imhad, fantastic job, nothing was too much trouble and they made a potentially stressful day go very smoothly, I couldn't fault them. If you are moving do not hesitate to use this company.

    House Removal
    Date published: 13/10/2017
    9.3 / 10 stars
  • Exceptional service

    [You were] recommended by a friend. Exceptional service, I felt the crew were genuinly caring about our animals and possessions. Pete,Simon and Tom were extremely helpful and went out of their way to help ease what was a very stressful day. We had multiple pets to move and a delayed key collection.

    House Removal
    Date published: 26/9/2017
    10 / 10 stars
  • We will use your company on our next move

    A great service once again. We will use your company on our next move. Our thanks to Ernie for getting the planning so right and to Peter and Dave who made the moving day stress free for us. A terrific team of professionals!

    Peter and Dave were very professional and great to work with. They were a credit to the company. Our thanks to them for such a smooth and careful move. They made our move stress-free and we had full confidence in them.

    House Removal
    Date published: 22/9/2017
    10 / 10 stars
  • Outstanding

    Your reputation goes before you. [The removal men] were outstanding, professional and a great team to trust with our move 10/10

    House Removal
    Date published: 19/9/2017
    10 / 10 stars
  • One word, BRILLIANT

    Couldn't have done it without you, perfect service and lovely people. First class. One word, BRILLIANT

    House Removal
    Date published: 30/8/2017
    10 / 10 stars
  • My highest recommendation

    At the time of booking Keeley was a gem - she was extremely helpful and made a stressful time much less so. Can't give her enough praise! We'd had a very stressful time leading up to exchange of contracts. We were apprehensive, therefore, on what the move would be like. We shouldn't have been. The office staff and crew made it stress-free. Our thanks for making the removal experience go so smoothly and keeping my blood pressure low!

    [We chose Britannia Bradshaw because of] BAR membership and good reputation. I'd certainly give them my highest recommendation. Dave, Julian and Chris were extremely efficient and courteous. They made the removal stress- free. Bravo, guys.

    House Removal
    Date published: 11/8/2017
    10 / 10 stars
  • Made moving easy

    Emma was brilliant. Simon, David & team went above and beyond!! Incredible service! The team were utterly amazing, nothing was too much trouble! Made moving easy x

    House Removal
    Date published: 4/8/2017
    10 / 10 stars
  • Forget the rest and use the best

    What a fantastic team. You can't improve on perfection - Forget the rest and use the best. (Stewart, Mike and Josh)

    House Removal
    Date published: 7/8/2017
    10 / 10 stars
  • I would highly recommend

    Although not the cheapest quote. Ernie presented himself and the company in a very professional manner that gave us the comfort required for such a difficult move for us - I would highly recommend Britannia Bradshaw as the ideal company to undertake the removal process

    [The removal men were] excellent hard working and very understanding and patient during a period of high stress

    House Removal
    Date published: 7/8/2017
    10 / 10 stars
  • Competitive 'no surprises' price

    Professionalism, and competitive 'no surprises' price. [The removal men were] very helpful and friendly. A credit to the company

    House Removal
    Date published: 6/7/2017
    10 / 10 stars
  • I wouldn't look anywhere else

    I'm not sure you can [improve the service] - certainly not with Pete and Simon. They were absolutely fab. If we moved again (which we're not doing!) I wouldn't look anywhere else.

    House Removal
    Date published: 5/7/2017
    10 / 10 stars
  • How can you improve perfection?

    The removal men were FANTASTIC! I cannot recommend them enough! How can you improve perfection?

    House Removal
    Date published: 24/05/2017
    10 / 10 stars
  • The best removals experience of all the companies we have used

    We have moved home a number of times over the past ten years and this was the best removals experience of all the companies we have used.[We chose Britannia Bradshaw because of a] personal recommendation, excellent internet-based customer reviews, the helpfulness of Diane, who came to quote, and on the competitiveness of the price.

    Mike and Martin were extremely professional. They worked very hard over both days to ensure that all the packing, loading and moving went smoothly, whilst consistently taking a "can-do" attitude. They were very polite, took excellent care of our belongings, and not a single element of the job appeared to be too much trouble. Absolutely brilliant.

    House Removal
    Date published: 07/04/2017
    9.7 / 10 stars
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