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Buy your car before you move to the USA

Before you move to the USA, pre-purchase your car & save

Americans spend much of their lives in their cars, as if you don't live in a city with a fantastic public transportation system (New York City, Boston, Chicago), public transportation is difficult at best. Locations are spread out over longer distances; and driving in the USA quickly becomes a necessity.

It is virtually impossible to purchase or lease a car without a US credit history or a US-based guarantor. However, Britannia Bradshaw Removals and our partners AutoSource and ReadyDrive can help.

Your credit history doesn't move with you

When you move to a new country, your credit history doesn't move with you. Because of this, it is very difficult to secure financing for a new car once you've arrived in the United States. As a service to our customers moving to America, our partner AutoSource gives you the opportunity to purchase an American car before you've even boarded the plane.

AutoSource can help

AutoSource has been serving the American Military, Diplomatic, foreign national and American expatriate community for over 60 years by offering exclusive savings on new vehicles and long-term car rentals.

When moving with Britannia Bradshaw, you have access to these services that can solve your transportation problems. These programs provide incredible savings, convenience and peace of mind to both long term and short term movers.

AutoSource for long term moves to America

AutoSource to purchase an American car

For moves of two years or more, this program is designed for individuals moving to the US and needing to purchase, finance or lease a vehicle.

Benefits Include:

  • Guaranteed lowest prices for vehicles from a wide range of car manufacturers
  • Low rate credit options available even if you have no credit history in the US - no guarantor required
  • Access to low rate automobile insurance
  • Delivery anywhere in the continental US

The AutoSource program and savings benefits are only available to you while you are still overseas. You must take advantage of the program before relocating or you will no longer be eligible.

ReadyDrive for short term moves to America

ReadyDrive for long-term rentals of American cars

Available for requirements on a short term basis (i.e. of 30 days or more). This program is designed for anyone looking for a low cost, full service rental car program.

Benefits Include:

  • Savings of up to 50% from the best corporate rates
  • Insurance is included on every rental vehicle
  • Flat base rates ensures that you save anytime, anywhere in the continental USA
  • Spouse / employee rental sharing
  • No regional driving restrictions

For more information on these programs, simply complete this quick and simple form to request the information you need!

Learn more about AutoSource and ReadyDrive!


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