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Guide to living in Germany

Living in Germany

Whether you are looking for more economic opportunities, want to live in one of the cultural centres of Europe or in a small, relaxed city, moving to Germany would definitely be the right choice. The country has always been a popular expat destination, and can not only boast a strong economy, but a rich cultural and historical heritage. Germany is a multicultural and heterogeneous country, with the third largest number of international migrants in the world, where you will certainly be able to find a lifestyle that suits you, and where you'll enjoy a modern infrastructure and a high quality of life.

Germany is located in Western and Central Europe, bordered by Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, and Switzerland among other countries. It is a federal parliamentary republic comprising sixteen states. Germany is a major economic and political power, with the world's fourth largest economy, and offers a very high standard of living with an extensive social security system. The country has diverse landscapes, a progressive environmental policy, an excellent public education system and universal health care.

While immigration regulations can be stringent, especially for non-EU citizens, and some people may prefer a sunnier climate and a more relaxed pace of life in the Mediterranean, Germany can truly offer a lot. Berlin is one of the most culturally exciting cities in Europe, where you can live a genuinely relaxed life, and Germany, due to its location in the centre of Europe, offers unparalleled diversity and a wide range of opportunities.

Interesting Facts About Germany

Germany is the second most populous, and one of the most densely populated countries in Europe with a population of 81 million. Over 18.5% of people living in Germany are of non-German descent. Germany is the world's largest exporter of goods. Germany is the homeland of numerous scientists, theorists, and artists, including Albert Einstein, Max Plank, Kant, Nietzsche and Goethe. The tallest church in the world, the Ulm Cathedral, is located in Germany.

Moving to and Living in Germany

EU citizens do not need a visa to move to Germany. To work in Germany and to stay longer, you will need a residency permit and may need a work permit as well.

If you are moving to Germany with your children, you should also research the education system. Education policies are usually decided locally in each individual state, so this will depend on where you are moving.

Living and housing costs in Germany are lower than in the UK, however, this will also depend on where you are moving.

After the economic recession, unemployment levels in Germany are rather high. However, the country still has a large and diverse economy, and there are a wide range of employment opportunities, especially in sectors such as IT, science or engineering.

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