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Information on emigration to Australia

Emigrate to Australia - Visa Information

Moving to another country - especially one so far from family and friends - is a big decision and being prepared will help the process be much smoother and stress-free. Your biggest concern after you've made the decision to emigrate will be securing an Australian visa for you and your family.

There are four main types of visas for Australia: skilled visa, business visa, partner visa and family visa. Your individual circumstances will dictate which visa is appropriate for you and your family. We've provided a very brief overview of the various types of visa available.

This site should not be considered emigration advice. Visa information can and does change. For professional advice and the most up-to-date information, suggest you contact a qualified migration specialist for more information.

Australia Skilled Visas - Skilled Migration Program

Australia's Skilled Migration Program requires potential migrants to complete an Expression of Interest (EOI), which will then be scored against a points test. Your scores will then be ranked against other EOSs, and the highest ranking scores across a range of occupations may be invited to apply for a Skilled Visa.

All migrants applying for an Australian Skilled Visa must be under the age of 50, and there are three types of Skilled Visas which you may quality for:

  • Skilled Independent (Permanent) - Subclass 189
  • Skilled Nominated (Permanent) - Subclass 190
  • Skilled Regional (Provisional) - Subclass 489

Australian Business Visas

There are currently three types of Australian Business Visas available:

  • Business Talent Visa (Permanent)
  • Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional)
  • Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent)

Each requires a substantial investment from the potential migrant.

Partner Visa

These visas are for the partners or prospective partners of Australian citizens or permanent residents. There are currently three types of partner visas.

  • Spouse (Permanent) - Subclass 100 / 801
    Entitles the spouse to permanent residence after the temporary (subclass 309) provisional spouse visa
  • Provisional Spouse (Temporary) - Subclass 309
    Initial two-year visa for partners of Australian citizens or permanent residents or eligible New Zealand citizens
  • Prospective Marriage (Temporary) - Subclass 300
    Temporary 9 month visa with rights to work, applicants must marry before the visa expires to continue residence

Family Visa

There are five Australian family visas available:

  • Contributory Parent (Temporary) Family Visa - Subclass 173
    A 2-year temporary visa, where visa holders can apply for a permanent 143 visa before the expiry of the 173
  • Contributory Parent (Permanent) Family Visa - Subclass 143
    The parent must be sponsored by the child in Australia who must be a settled resident, with a substantial second visa application charge and a ten year assurance of support is required
  • Parent (Permanent) Family Visa- Subclass 103
    Parents of children who are citizens or permanent residents of Australia or eligible New Zealand citizens, and the balance of family among the children must be at least 50/50 Australia/elsewhere; the sponsoring child must be a settled resident of Australia - there are very long queues for this visa
  • Remaining Relative (Permanent) Family Visa - Subclass 115
    Brothers, sisters or children of Australian citizens/permanent residents/eligible New Zealand citizens; you and/or your spouse must not have any near relative (parent, sibling, or minor child not in your daily care and control, or child over 18 who is not dependent on you) other than a near relative who is usually resident in Australia and an Australian citizen/Australian permanent resident/eligible New Zealand citizen in order to be eligible - there are very long waits for this visa
  • Child (Permanent) Family Visa - Subclass 101
    The natural dependent child (or in some cases the adopted or step child of an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen - The child must be unmarried, under 25, (if 18 or older must be a full time student and dependent on parents), except in cases of disability that prevents the child from working

Other Australian Visas

  • Employer sponsored visa
    Visas for those sponsored by an employer, which can lead to permanent residence
  • Retirement visa
    For people aged 55 and over with substantial cash assets
  • Working holiday visa
    For people aged 18 - 30

Are you eligible for an Australian visa?

Take a free test online to determine if you're eligible for a skilled immigration visa from The Emigration Group.

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