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Information on emigration to New Zealand

Emigrate to New Zealand - Visa Information

Moving to another country - especially one so far from family and friends - is a big decision and being prepared will help the process be much smoother and stress-free. Your biggest concern after you've made the decision to emigrate will be securing a New Zealand visa for you and your family.

There are four main types of visas for New Zealand: skilled visa, business visa, partner visa and family visa. Your individual circumstances will dictate which visa is appropriate for you and your family. We've provided a very brief overview of the various types of visa available.

This site should not be considered emigration advice. Visa information can and does change. For professional advice and the most up-to-date information, suggest you contact a qualified migration specialist for more information.

Skilled Migrant Visa

New Zealand's Skilled Migration Program requires potential migrants to complete an Expression of Interest (EOI), which will then be scored against a points test. All migrants applying for a Skilled Visa must be aged 55 or under. These visas are open to skilled workers whose trade or profession is approved by INZ

New Zealand Business Visas

There are currently three types of New Zealand Business Visas available:

  • Long-Term Business Visa (three year work visa)
  • Active Investor Visa - Global Investor Category (Temporary residence until the end of the investment period, then permanent)
  • Active Investor Visa - Professional Investor Category (Up to age 64, temporary residence until the end of the investment period, then permanent)
  • Active Investor Visa - General Investor Category (Up to age 54, temporary residence until the end of the investment period, then permanent)

Each requires a substantial investment from the potential migrant.

Family Category Visa (Partner)

This visa is for the partner of New Zealand citizens or permanent residents. Sponsorship requirements must be met for this type of visa.

  • The partner of a New Zealand resident or citizen, wishing to obtain New Zealand residence themselves

Family Visa

There are two New Zealand family visas available:

  • Family Category Visa (Parent)

    Applicants must express their interest in applying for New Zealand residence. Depending on the requirements they claim to meet, may subsequently be invited to apply. Applicants cannot have any dependent children, and one of their adult children must have been permanently resident in New Zealand for at least three years and be willing to sponsor the applicants.
  • Parent Retirement Category

    Applicants must be able to invest a minimum of $1 million in New Zealand over four years and have an annual income of at least $60,000 at the time they apply, and settlement funds of at least $500,000

Temporary New Zealand Visas

  • Work To Residence Visa (Initial 30 month period)

    Your occupation must be on the Long Term Skill Shortage List, and you must have an offer of employment in New Zealand with an accredited employer or you must be an exceptional talent
  • Essential Skills Work Visa

    If you have an offer of a job from a New Zealand employer, you may be eligible to apply for a temporary essential skills visa to permit you to work
  • Working Holiday Visa

    Young Persons Working Holiday Scheme for those aged 18 - 30
  • Visitor Visa

    Tourist visa with entry for up to six months, no work permitted
  • Student Visa

    A definite offer of a place from a New Zealand education provider such as a school, polytechnic or university is required, as is the payment of all course fees
  • Temporary Retirement Category

    Retired individuals aged 66 and over who can make investments and be self-supporting  

Are you eligible for a New Zealand visa?

Take a free test online to determine if you're eligible for a skilled immigration visa from The Emigration Group.

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