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How to move house safely with pets
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Keeping your pets safe when you move home

Moving can be stressful and there are many things to plan, prepare for and consider. In the hustle and bustle that comes with moving day, don't forget about your pets and what they may need. Remember, they feel stress differently than we do, and may react unexpectedly.

If at all possible, try to remove your pet from your home on moving day. If you can, leave them with a friend, relative or even a cattery / kennel or your vet. This helps them because they're away from the stress, noise and movement of your home on moving day. If you can't leave them elsewhere, put them in a room where there's nothing to be moved, and tell everyone involved with your move and in the house not to open the door to this room. Ideally, put a sign on the door and, if you can, lock it.

No matter how smooth your move goes, it will feel like chaos to your pet. Some of our top tips for moving day:

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