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Our moving advice centre has additional advice and information about moving home, and if you're moving abroad, our international moving advice centre has some information and tips to help you have a smooth international relocation.

How may we help with your removal?

If you have any questions we haven't answered here, please contact us - we're glad to help! If you're ready to book your removal quote appointment, you can do so 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Or, if you prefer, ring us on 0161 877 5555 (Manchester), 0121 504 0966 (Birmingham & Coventry) and speak with one of our removals specialists, who are happy to answer any questions you may have to help make sure your move is a smooth one.

Questions about preparing for your removal

Q. When should I start to look for a removal company?

A. As soon as you know you're moving, you should begin to find your removal company - especially if you're moving during busy periods such as over the summer holidays and around the Christmas holidays.

Q. Do I need to defrost my freezer and refrigerator?

A. That depends. If you're moving a short distance, it can be taped shut and disconnected immediately before the men take it to the truck, where it will be the last item on the lorry, and the first item off. If it will be disconnected for longer than an hour, it should really be defrosted before your move. Whilst the risk may be small, this will also invalidate your insurance.

Q. Will you disconnect my appliances?

A. In general, no, we do not disconnect washing machines, dishwashers, tumble dryers, or other appliances. We suggest they be disconnected before the move, and drained of all water before our men arrive. Talk with your surveyor about moving your appliances, or feel free to ring our office and ask if you have any questions about moving your appliances.

Q. Will you move garden equipment?

A. Yes, absolutely. However, any petrol powered items (such as lawn mowers, strimmers, etc) need to be drained of petrol before being loaded on the truck. We cannot move any items with petrol or other flammable or hazardous liquids.

Q. Can you move my plants?

A. Yes, we move plants and shrubs from your garden. From just a couple of plants in pots, or a few shrubs taken from your garden, through to an entire garden, we can move them for you. We've moved the entire garden for a participant in the National Open Garden Scheme, where their garden was transported over 100 miles in our lorry which had been specially prepared for just for their much-loved plants. Just ask your removals consultant for more details or advice about moving your plants.

Q. What do I need to do before the removal men arrive?

A. As much as you can to make sure things are organised - don’t leave sorting things out until moving day or they'll end up in the wrong places. Removal men work very quickly, and things will be packed and on the truck before you know it.

Q. Do I need to empty my drawers?

A. If you’ve selected a full packing service, leave it us. Otherwise, breakables need to emptied from your drawers and safely packed, along with heavy items such as books and items that could rattle and cause damage. However, you can leave your clothes inside your chest of drawers, as well as towels and linen. Our team will ensure the drawers are safe and secured for transport and its one less thing for you to pack and unpack.

Q. What should I do with my clothes on hangers?

A. Our team will bring wardrobe cartons to transport your hanging clothes - your clothes will remain on their hangers, safe and covered throughout your move. We will re-hang them in your wardrobe in your new home.

Q. Should I take my pictures, artworks and mirrors off the walls?

A. Unless your pictures, mirrors, etc are screwed into the wall, please leave them hanging until our removal men arrive. They will remove your hanging items and properly wrap them for transport to your new home.

Q. Will you move paint?

A. Unfortunately, due to insurance restrictions, we are unable to transport paint and flammable materials.

Q. Will you dismantle my furniture for me?

A. Yes, we can dismantle your furniture, along with any children's play equipment from the garden. Please ask your removals consultant for more details.

Q. Should I dismantle my flat pack furniture?

A. In general, we suggest you do not dismantle flat pack or IKEA furniture before moving unless it will not fit out of your home when assembled. Some smaller pieces should not be taken apart to be moved as they are sturdier and easier to move as one piece.

We usually dismantle and reassemble most beds (bunk beds and cabin beds are an exception for reassembly) during a removal, along with simple wardrobes, bookcases, etc - but be sure to discuss this with your surveyor for details. You can read more here.

Q. What should I do with my pets during the removal?

A. We're animal lovers (our Manchester office even has an office dog!), and know they're a part of your family. Whether you're moving in the UK with pets or moving abroad with pets, they need a bit of special care when moving home to avoid becoming distressed with a move and all the activity that surrounds it. Before the removal men arrive at your home, you should have your pets secured in a room with the door shut and a sign saying do not open, pets inside on the door.

Q. I'm moving to (or from) Europe - Will Brexit impact my move?

A. Brexit, as of this moment is a bit of an unknown, and if you're moving to Europe - or moving from Europe to the UK - you probably have questions regarding the transport and importing of your belongings to your new country. There is uncertainty regarding HMRC and Border Force regulations, which may affect the importation and exportation of goods to and from the UK from the date when Brexit is set to occur, 31 December 2020. Find out more about the effects of Brexit on our European Removals page.

Questions about removal quotes

Q. Do I really need a survey appointment at my house?

A. Normally, yes. This doesn't mean we actually have to visit though, we can carry out surveys by video call using Facebook or WhatsApp. Either way, our team want to better understand your individual needs and circumstances in order to come up with a removal schedule that’s just right for you. An in person (or video) survey allows us to see not just what is being moved (so we can calculate the volume of your belongings), but also check things like the access for removal lorries, staircases or tight corners that may prove to be difficult, etc. Find out more.

Our removal consultants carry out many surveys every year and quote for their removals. They've got the knowledge and experience to not only provide a comprehensive price based on your individual needs, but also offer advice and tips to help you have the best house move possible.

Q. How do I arrange for a quote for my removal?

A. There are a few ways you can set an appointment for your removal quote - you can ring our offices, or talk with us on our live chat feature (during office hours), or complete the form on any of our pages and we'll ring you back. Or, in two minutes you can set your estimate appointment, even if our office is closed for the day, with our online survey booking system.

Q. Where do I pay for my removal?

A. Most removal companies require payment in advance of your removal. With Britannia Bradshaw, you will need to pay for your removal at the time you book your moving date with us. We offer cancellation cover to cover situations where you'd need to cancel or change your moving date, and as a member of the British Association of Removers (BAR), your payment is covered with their Advanced Payment Guarantee.

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Removal quote appointment booking service

Britannia Bradshaw can help your move go smoothly. Contact us for a free, no obligation quote, or by calling 0161 877 5555 (Manchester) or 0121 504 0966 (Birmingham & Coventry) and speak with one of our removals specialists.

How are our appointments carried out

In the current times you might prefer that we don't visit your house in person to carry out a survey. This is fully understandable and we can just as easily undertake the survey by video call, using whatever method you're comfortable with, usually FaceTime or WhatsApp.

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The crew were brilliant!

Really efficient and friendly and so careful with both our things and the houses moving out of and into.

Why did you use us?
We used them previously and both experiences were great.

Do you have any additional comments or concerns regarding any portion of the service you received?
Really happy with all levels of service. The office staff were very calming when I had to move the date due to the house not being ready and the removal team were fantastic as well.

Beth Redfern

They were excellent, incredibly helpful

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Used before

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The guys, Paul, Spencer and Fabio were excellent

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Very helpful

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3 really helpful guys

3 really helpful guys

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recommended by Jordan Fishwick

Martin Moston

Amazing and very courteous

Where can we improve our removals day experience?
Just to double check each & every room as they do it.  I left a magazine rack with important documents which i needed to take with me & they got packed away-entirely my fault!!!

Why did you use us?
They were extremely helpful at initial enquiry - especially Jacki

Do you have any additional comments or concerns regarding any portion of the service you received?
Yes - to thank all the team involved

Comments regarding your initial enquiry
Excellent - clearly explained- felt at ease

Denise Hadley

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