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Tips for using a removal comparison site

Comparison sites are the norm now to compare prices for energy suppliers, home, car and pet insurance, credit card deals, loans and mortgages. Most of us have probably used one of the comparison sites at some point - and probably saved a bit from the information obtained on them.

Removal comparison sites are different

We know the value of comparison sites for removal companies - we participate on a few of them! However, comparison sites for removals are a bit different than the compare sites you're likely used to. Instead of seeing a chart showing you the prices for your insurance policy or energy supplier comparing the exact same product and service from many companies, you'll only have an indicative price from (usually) three or four companies.

You'll give the comparison site a bit of basic information about your move (such as the number of bedrooms in your home, is there a long walk to get to the property, etc). You'll then be provided with names of various removal companies and a guide price for your removal.

You usually don't know what's included in that price (packing materials, insurance, waiting time, etc) until you've spoken with the removal company directly - making it difficult to compare like-for-like offerings. Also, the price you see isn't binding, it is simply a guide as without knowing exactly how much you're moving and other specifics of your move, a full quote can't be given.

At a minimum, your removal company will need to ask you a lot of questions and perhaps have you fill out a self-survey form to help them better understand and estimate the size of your move. Most removal companies prefer to view your home themselves, so they can see not just how much you're moving but also what you're moving, as different types of furniture and objects need different types of protection and may require special measures such as crating for antiques, etc. Only once they know the full scope of your move can they give you a full and binding quote for your removal

Tips to get the most out of a removal comparison site

Cheapest isn't always best - look for value for money

While we all like to save money where we can and not overpay - especially at a time when you're paying for so many things. When comparing prices, evaluate the entire package each removal company is offering to make sure you're comparing the same service, supplies, insurance, etc between the companies. Also, take a look at their reviews from known review sources including TrustPilot, Google Reviews, and even the removal company's own website. Look for value for money and a commitment to their customers and service, rather than simply just the cheapest quote.

Removals are more difficult than they look!

On the face of it, removals looks to be a easy but physically demanding job. While it is definitely physically demanding, it isn't as easy as it appears. If you've ever moved yourself, or just rearranged your furniture, you know how easy it is to drop or damage what you're moving, or the floor and walls. Loading a removal truck is a dedicated skill as well - the men need to plan in advance the best way to load the truck to not just fit all of your belongings in, but how to make sure space is used efficiently, everything is packed tightly so nothing moves about in transport, and fragile items aren't put at undue risk.

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