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Storage when moving abroad
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Storage for international removals

People moving abroad frequently have different requirements for storage of their belongings. You may find that you need to store your belongings before they're transported, and many people find they don't want to move everything - particularly if they're not going to be abroad for more than a couple of years.

Storage before you move

There are many reasons you might need to store your belongings before they're shipped. These include needing to vacate your current home before you're scheduled to leave, changes in your schedule to move abroad, or you're not going straight to your destination and want to delay shipment for a few weeks or months. We can keep your belongings safely stored in our warehouse, export wrapped and ready to go for your shipping date.

Short assignments abroad

Many people who know they'll only be abroad for a year or two decide not to ship all of their belongings to their new home overseas. Storage in our secure warehouses is the perfect solution if you don't want to move everything to your new home abroad. Your items will be ready and waiting for you when you get home, and can be delivered to you at a time and location of your choosing. If you change your mind and decide to stay longer in your home abroad, we can easily pack and wrap your belongings and arrange for shipping - you don't need to come back to the UK to arrange this.

Renting out your UK home when you're abroad

For many people, it makes sense for them to rent their UK home out while living abroad. If you don't want to leave your furniture, cookware, etc. that you aren't shipping to be used by your tenants, the best solution to avoid breakage, wear and tear and loss of your items is to place them in storage until your return.

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